Cornucopias $100 Giveaway | Monkeyball Updates

December 10, 2021

Cornucopias is trading today… let’s check on the results from the IDO! Also, one lucky viewer from the last video who commented will win the $100 giveaway in $COPI tokens! Also, we will provide updates and the AMA from Monkeyball… see you on the Live Stream!

Kristian’s Private Discord – IDO Membership:…

Monkeyball AMA:…

Cornucopias – How To Buy $COPI:…

If you did get an allocation and were able to purchase $MBS… and if you have the generosity to give a little something to those less fortunate, please send a gift to the wallet below. All $MBS will be divided and given to those less fortunate… have a blessed holiday season! If you are from Starlaunch or Monkeyball, and would like to participate in a LiveStream once the $MBS token is generated to speak to the audience about your projects… please reach out to me via email!

Please send a short explanation of your experience… video format best, but text is fine too!

Phantom Wallet – Monkeyball Holiday Gifts ($MBS):

Starlaunch Telegram:

Monkeyball Telegram:

Monkeyball Discord:

0:00 Intro
1:00 Monkeyball Updates
3:00 Cornucopias IDO
9:30 $100 Giveaway
10:00 How To Buy $COPI

Have A Blessed Holiday Season!

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