MONKEYBALL Holiday Season… Better To Give Than Receive

December 7, 2021

Monkeyball Livestream…

If you participated in the Monkeyball IDO and did not receive any allocation of $MBS, please send an email… make sure that you had Fully Approved KYC, Profile in the Cadet Dashboard, Staked $STARS, Claimed $N2H4, Burned $N2H4. The entire Monkeyball Holiday Gifts wallet will be divided up equally and sent to those who did not receive anything from the IDO… Happy Holidays!!

If you did get an allocation and were able to purchase $MBS… and if you have the generosity to give a little something to those less fortunate, please send a gift to the wallet below. All $MBS will be divided and given to those less fortunate… have a blessed holiday season!

If you are from Starlaunch or Monkeyball, and would like to participate in a LiveStream once the $MBS token is generated to speak to the audience about your projects… please reach out to me via email!

Please send a short explanation of your experience… video format best, but text is fine too!

Phantom Wallet – Monkeyball Holiday Gifts ($MBS):

Starlaunch Telegram:

Monkeyball Telegram:

Monkeyball Discord:

Have A Blessed Holiday Season!

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