Monkeyball | How To Get This IDO… NOW

November 19, 2021

Monkeyball… LET THE GAMES BEGIN! This video will show you how to get the Initial DeFi Metaverse Game Offering on November 30, 2021! 12 days to go…

MonkeyBall is the next-gen esports metaverse that enables players to:

MonkeyBall combines high-production value, multiplayer gaming with Solana blockchain, NFTs, and decentralized finance to deliver an exciting, turn-based, play-to-earn soccer game that’s easy to learn yet hard to master.

Play in Three Modes:
Player vs Environment: Training mode to increase your Monkey’s overall abilities
Player vs Player: Classic game where each player controls the entire team
Team vs Team: Each team is being played and controlled by multiple players


Monkeys are the teams’ players, introduced by NFT assets owned by game players. The Monkeys serve as an income generator, allowing a player to earn MonkeyBucks ($MBS) by winning matches.

Monkey NFTs are more than just a beautiful collectible. Each Monkey NFT has a unique DNA composed of his cool Appearance, Trainable Abilities (Accuracy, Passing, Strength and Control) and Special Elements, unique to his role (Scorer, Defender, Midfielder or Goalkeeper). A Monkey’s DNA and rarity affects the player’s ability to play and win matches.

Generation zero of Monkeys will be limited to 5000 Monkeys out of nearly 4 Billion permutations possible, dictating the rarity of each NFT.

Holding an original Monkey gives you special perks such as:

Airdrop of game tokens
Advance your player in a pre-game training camp
Early Breeding season
Early access to Stadium (land) sale
NFT drop is planned for December 2021

What is MonkeyBall?
MonkeyBall is a quick, turn-based, Play-to-Earn, arcade, soccer game offering a high-production-value gaming experience.

Matches are played between two teams, each with 4 Monkeys playing the positions of Scorer, Defender, Midfielder and Goalkeeper. With 6 rounds of play per half, the first team to 3 goals wins.

Back at HQ, boost your Monkeys’ abilities and in-game performance by caring for and training them, as well as increasing their morale.

Stadium owners are rewarded for matches they host, while other players can be spectators and influence the gameplay by cheering for a winning team to increase their gameplay.

When a match ends, the in-game currency token, MonkeyBucks ($MBS), is split between the winning team, the Stadium owner, and the spectators who rooted for the winning team.

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0:00 Intro
0:28 Monkeyball Trailer
0:46 My Take on Monkeyball and IDO Schedule
1:30 Monkeyball Roadmap, Info, Team
4:58 Participating in the IDO
5:43 How much would it cost you?
6:28 Getting $STARS token
7:30 Get more out of your $STARS token
10:00 End

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