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IDOs | This Weeks Initial DeFi Offerings

IDO… what’s launching this week… Initial DeFi Offerings…

Cornucopias $100 Giveaway | Monkeyball Updates

Cornucopias is trading today… let’s check on the results from the IDO! Also, one lucky viewer from the last video who commented will win the $100 giveaway in $COPI tokens! Also, we will provide updates and the AMA from Monkeyball… see you on the Live Stream!

Cornucopias IDO Today… How To Participate In The Metaverse

Cornucopias IDO is finally happening TODAY! Make sure to check on the launchpad you are participating in for the specific time of launch into the Metaverse. And as a precaution, check if your wallet has been whitelisted before doing any token purchases.

MONKEYBALL Holiday Season… Better To Give Than Receive

If you participated in the Monkeyball IDO and did not receive any allocation of $MBS, please send an email… make sure that you had Fully Approved KYC, Profile in the Cadet Dashboard, Staked $STARS, Claimed $N2H4, Burned $N2H4. The entire Monkeyball Holiday Gifts wallet will be divided up equally and sent to those who did not receive anything from the IDO… Happy Holidays!!

Cornucopias Metaverse IDO | Founders Interview

Jones – Founders! We step into the Metaverse and answer some of your burning questions about the upcoming IDO and the project’s roadmap.


First Served (FCFS) Sale happening on Starlaunch during the LIVESTREAM!


Monkeyball… The IDO is now COMPLETE and the allocations of $MBS tokens will go on sale tomorrow, with the First Come First Served (FCFS) Sale happening on Starlaunch! Make sure to get your IDO allocation for $0.04

MONKEYBALL IDO LIVE | Contribute Hydrazine Starlaunch

Monkeyball… The IDO is now LIVE, and you can Contribute your Hydrazine ($N2H4) in Starlaunch to earn a portion of the IDO… Also, get your $MBS Giveaway – $500 and NFTs

Cornucopias Metaverse IDO | How To Get $COPI | Cardano Play To Earn

Cornucopias ‘The Island’ is a blockchain based play-to-earn, build-to-earn and learn-to-earn-MMORPG Metaverse where players can own land and other NFTs (non fungible tokens) based assets that are tradeable in a peer-to-peer manner, all hosted in a fun and expanding metaverse (a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users). Built for Cardano, this video will show you how to get the $COPI token that will IDO for $0.0036


MONKEYBALL IDO UPDATE… How to get your $MBS tokens by staking $STARS to earn Hydrazine ($N2H4) and purchase $MBS IDO for $0.04

Monkeyball IDO Extended | $STARS STAKING LIVE

Monkeyball… Starlanch Tokens ($STARS) staking in now LIVE, and the Initial DeFi Offering (IDO) has been extended to 12/4/21. Watch this video to get all the insights you need to participate in the IDO with $MBS listed at $0.04

Monkeyball IDO | 5 Days Until $MBS Token Sale | How To Buy

The Monkeyball ($MBS) Initial DeFi Offering (IDO) is Coming Soon… 5 Days Until the Token is sale and we can buy it for $0.04… What do you think that the price will be when trading begins…?

Monkeyball IDO 1 Week To Go…

Monkeyball… IDO is Coming with 1 Week To Go!!

Monkeyball | How To Get The IDO In 9 Days | Starlaunch Hydrazine

onkeyball… This video will show you how to get the Initial DeFi Metaverse Game Offering (IDO) on November 30, 2021! 9 days to go… The IDO is on Starlaunch and will require Hydrazine.

Monkeyball | How To Get This IDO… NOW

Monkeyball… LET THE GAMES BEGIN! This video will show you how to get the Initial DeFi Metaverse Game Offering on November 30, 2021! 12 days to go…